Behavioral Strategy Institute

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The Behavioral Strategy Institute was founded in 2012 to make the new developments and insights in the area of behavioral sciences, psychoanalysis and neurosciences accessable and usable for entrepreneurs and corporations. By Behavioral Strategy   we mean a new approach in the field of strategic management which links into Behavioral Finance and Behavioral Economics. The latter deal with the psychology of the investor and with the human being as a subject of ecomomic action. Since it has become evident that the ideal of the homo oeconomicus is far from rperesenting the reality, psychological and behavioral aspects also have to be integrated in the world of strategci decision making.   

Behavioral Straregy deals with success factors for good strategic decisions by appllying insights from psychology and neurosciences. With a little more effort the qualiy of the strategy and the implementation ot it can be significatnly improved when the Top Management will open up for the use of Behavioral Strategy tools.